Tuesday, October 18, 2011

Pimento Cheese.... It's a Southern Thing.

For most of you, you already know that my husband was born and raised in the South, North Carolina to be exact. For him Pimento Cheese was a staple in his house. When we lived there for two and half years his grandmother would serve pimento cheese at least once a week and if it wasn't on the dinner table for a meal it was in the refrigerator for a "any time of day" snack.
To be honest, at first I didn't touch the stuff....cheese, mayo and pimento's....bla! But as time passed and it was obvious that it was always going to be apart of a meal...hahaha.... it grew on me and now I love it! 
We recently took a trip to North Carolina (hadn't been back in a year) and his grandmother, as tradition would have it, had a fresh batch of pimento cheese waiting for us :) 
Not having the recipe written down, counting on my memory of watching his grandmother put a little bit of this and a little bit of that into her pimento cheese, yesterday's pimento cheese batch was a success! (according to Chris..... and I must say he's a little bit of a pimento cheese snob)  
Pimento Cheese goes great with a bowl of soup or chili served on a cracker or slice of french bread.... Also, as a sandwich or cheese ball (for party's) No matter how you serve it or eat it, it's delicious! And yes, it may be a "Southern Thing" but in my family it's become a "Traditional Thing" Enjoy!! 
Pimento Cheese

1- 8 oz. block Cheese, shredded
1- small jar of Pimento's
1 - 2tbsp. of Mayo (just enough to bind everything together)
black pepper

Combined all the ingredients in a bowl, refrigerate until cold (20 min.) and serve.  

ps. if you live where they sell the "premade" pimento cheese in the deli section at your grocery store, don't buy it.... homemade so much better plus you can control the ingredients and quality! 

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